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14th August
written by Caryn

This weekend I actually spent some time revisiting my Martha Stewart side and did a lot of cooking. From scratch. Spiced chicken thighs, blueberry muffins and even some homemade ice cream. Of course I also did the requisite laundry and dish washing. And retrieved my car from the shop (a whole separate story, rest assured). And started growing space aged crystals and made a soda-bottle biosphere. Wow. That’s a lot right there … but wait — there’s more. I also disassembled and repaired my booklight. Yes, it’s amazing what a mini eyeglass screwdriver and enough determination can accomplish. Oh sure, it was a convenient enough excuse to put off reading all the books I have stacked up in my room. But more concerning was the fact that this isn’t just any booklight. No, it just so happens to be the coolest booklight ever. Why? What’s so cool about a booklight, you might ask. Well … how many of you have a Viagra ® booklight? Exactly.

The Viagra ® booklight, the stuff of legends, with the staying power to go … all … the … way (when you’re reading a really involved novel or trying to solve a particularly challenging crossword puzzle). It’s collapsable, which means … it’s also expandable *wink, wink*. Folding out to meet your every need — from paperback to, uh, hard covers. With a Viagra ® booklight you may never look at reading in quite the same way again.

How am I so fortunate to be the proud owner of a Viagra ® booklight? Well for the same reason I’m the proud owner of a Ortho Tri-Cyclen fold-up brush/mirror combo and a Baycol travel coffee tumbler. My mom, in all her awesomely awesomeness, happens to work for a doctor’s office, where, in case you’re not up on the whole biz, a miraculous amount of promotional crap is left by pharmaceutical reps, medical supply companies and service providers. Of course, the doctors get first dibs, leaving the most bizarre, crazy things for the rest of the staff to pick through. From Imitrex ® stress balls to Anthem BlueCross/BlueShield teddy bears, the world is your crazy drug branded oyster. My mom seems to have an affinity for the ultra-hilarious… such as her collection of nose-dolls — plush noses. With legs and decked out in seasonal apparel. I can’t even remember the drug they represent, but really, plush noses. She also has a nice set of ceramic mugs in the shape of striated muscles, kidneys, pancreas, etc. I think she saves those for company though. I should probably neglect to mention that my 8-year-old’s “gameboy bag” is really a mini purse provided by the birth control brand, Seasonale ® . But there you have it. And here you have … the now fully refurbished Viagra ® booklight:

pardon the blur and the flash, we're not professionals, you know

(Yes, I know … I’m just begging for all the comment spam and who knows what. But really, Viagra booklight — how could I resist?)