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16th August
written by Caryn

Well butter my biscuits and call me Sally! I just found out I’ve been nominated for “Best Webcam” from the folks at Blogathon 2005. I’m flattered really. Wearing a plastic sequined tiara really gets you somewhere, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I don’t usually keep the webcam “live”, but I thought in honor of the nod, I’d share some selected stills I saved over the course of the 24 hour blogapalooza. (Mouse over for timestamp and info.)

9:18am August 6 -- Let's get it started. 11:38am August 6 -- What's so funny?

12:09pm August 6 -- Me and Purdue Cheerleader Barbie 2:23pm August 6 -- Keep 'em, comin'

6:11pm August 6 -- You only think I'm sleeping 7:17pm August 6 -- Whiskey makes a special appearance'

10:05pm August 6 -- Then things started to get a little strange 11:35pm August 6 -- Yeah, I'm still awake

12:33am August 7 -- I'm sure this has to do with Jamelah 12:59am August 7 -- If you like pina coladas...

2:43am August 7 -- Whoomp! There it is! 4:43am August 7 -- Get ready to rumble.

6:38am August 7 -- Yes, sometimes I bite my own knee when I laugh.  Also Jamelah's fault. 6:39am August 7 -- Somewhat more reserved.

8:30am August 7 -- Born to do the hand jive, baby.