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23rd August
written by Caryn
Shadow Walking

I’m wondering if it’s possible to remain on a high indefinitely … through the glow of a montage replayed in your head. Is it reasonable to expect a lift to last when you’re thrown back into the day-to-day grind, dealing with distance, deadlines, expectations, irritations? Or is it unreasonable to accept anything but? It’s now Tuesday heading fast into Wednesday and I find myself still in a daze from a much-needed and well-deserved respite filled with laughter, connection and tenderness. Summer at its best, spicy sangria on a sultry night; citrus circus acts and questions that beg to be asked. Smiles that stain your heart and leave you never quite the same. An anywhere walk on a hazy day doing nothing much but shifting shadows into one, a parallel of rediscovering … the parting and the coming together again. Words and letters placed just so on city mornings (I can only hope we age this way), decoding puzzles and each other under thin blankets and fresh coffee. This is what a weekend is, a reunion, a celebration, a returning to scarcity, a sacredness, a secret line … after you, no you, allow me, this is how it should be and was and will be and a thank you is all I can think to summarize and I do … muito obrigado … and I throw it into the sky from here with these scenes and I feel you catch it in the same instant. A weekend, a redoubling. A reclaiming of summer as ours, just as we remembered it to be.

Am I bragging? Maybe. Am I reveling? Definitely. Am I secretly hatching plans to make it happen again very soon? You better believe it.

So if I’m missing days here and there or seem a bit distracted, I’m just preoccupied with a recapturing of things hidden just below the surface. Look around, find something interesting … but shhh … don’t try to tell me what day it is. I’m not listening…

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