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24th August
written by Caryn
Don't Leave Me Hangin'

In an uprecedented show of stubbornness, The Tooth (pictured in Exhibit A, left), continues to stage its silent protest and refuses to dislodge or be dislodged. In a state of wigglyness for most of the summer, The Tooth finds itself still desperately holding on to its 8-year-old owner. Yesterday, after a confused series of sidesteps and tripping with the cat, The Tooth (along with its 8-year-old owner) landed squarely on the hard edge of a couch frame. Although there were tears, blunt impact and (yes!) blood, THE TOOTH remained in its precariously dangled position. The exchange rate for the highly-prized top incisor has not yet proven to be enough enticement for an agreement to implementation of pliers, string and doorknob or 2nd-party wiggling. Please stay tuned to TMFB for the latest updates.