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27th August
written by Caryn
Sister Suzy Sitting on a Thistle

Breaking News: At some unreported time during the wee hours of August 27 The Tooth peacefully disengaged from the gum of its discontent and thus ended the great Wiggly Standoff of 2005. The separation was amicable and although shy, the previous holder of said tooth is flashing gum with abandon. When asked how this all came about, she replied “I don’t know, it just came out while I was sleeping.” So what pulling, poking, wiggling and crashing into couches won’t do, a little snoozing takes care of business. Makes sense. So from Mr. Sandman we’re handing it over to the Tooth Fairy tonight for collection and safe keeping … not to mention cash value.

For some reason, the Madster is somewhat of a late bloomer and this is only the 3rd tooth that has decided to take the plunge. Circumstance and calendar blocks have set it up so that this happens to be the 1st tooth she’s lost on Mom’s turf. Although she has a Tooth Fairy Barbie tooth case at Dad’s, here we’re using a mini Tupperware® container — about the size of a Double-Stuf OreoTM. (Yes, Tupperware® is the official tooth-holding case of choice here at TMFB and Double-Stuf OreoTM is a standard unit of measurement.) By the way, are you aware that the going rate for a tiny little 8-year-old incisor is exactly one George Washington? And I don’t mean the coin, either, my friend. Anyway — I have to admit, although I’m glad to see that tooth finally OUT (it was really just getting gross, trust me. when your tooth flaps in a light breeze, it’s time to say good-bye.), I am a bit nostalgic at heart and it’s tough to admit my “baby” is growing up. I’m sure I’ll be a rock when it comes to the first date, driver’s license, graduation, etc. One day at a time, sweet Jesus. I am a bit nervous to be on Tooth Fairy Facilitation Duty tonight, but I trust that my mad skillz will serve me well.

To sleep perchance to dream ... of the tooth fairy.

(Oh by the way, yes, I’m one of those evil archaic moms who lets their children believe in things like Santa, the Tooth Fairy and magic. It’s just one of the many ways I perpetrate deception and darkness into the next generation. I’m also the boogeyman and I bite the heads off of chickens. Have a nice day.)