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5th August
written by Caryn

The Blogathon is almost here! You can check out more about the Blogathon, my cause — ProLiteracy Worldwide, and even pledge a buck or two by visiting the links over there in the right sidebar —>

Here are a few other details:

Why am I doing this? Why should you care?
Webcam updates for the duration of the blogathon
My pal Jamelah will also be blogathoning for charity, so check in on her as well

What will be happening here? Well besides the obvious blogging, there will be webcam updates — so you can see me as I blog, my cats, my fish and anything else I decide gets “airtime”. To save bandwidth, the camera sends a new image every 30 seconds — still shots. Still, I think it will be fun and interesting — plus you can see what I look like at 3am. I think that’s incentive enough. I’ll also have my playlist streaming over there in the right sidebar as well as other odds and ends.

As if that weren’t enough, I’m doing this all for promoting and supporting the cause of literacy and ProLiteracy Worldwide, the organization. It’s a good cause that touches many facets of everyday life and can make a real difference in the struggle to succeed in today’s world. How can you help? Well, you can:

— check out literacy programs in your town
— donate your time, goods or money to worthwhile charities of your own choosing
— help spread the word about this event and other literacy drives
— offer moral support and motivation for those helping to raise awareness
— start an initiative of your own

We’re all busy and we all have many causes we wish we could support. But what if I told you that you could help out from your keyboard, your desk chair and the comfort of your own home? Well you can and that’s what this is all about — so please, pledge if you can, definitely post comments and ideas to keep me going for 24 hours and seriously consider checking out local programs in your area, most of which you can locate and read about online. Being able to do so is a deceptively simple task that many around the world aren’t able to enjoy. So help me out here, I’ll do the blogging and the not-sleeping — you do the checking in and seeing how things are going and pledging if possible.

As if that weren’t enough …

During the Blogathon, I’ll be writing about various things. However, since I want to highlight the promotion of literacy and literacy programs, I’ll be posting my thoughts on a poem, poet, story or author each hour. Sometimes these may be serious reflections and other times they may be obscure tangents. I’ll try to provide links and images wherever approprite. On the half hour, I’ll fill in with random goodness, humor, lists, Q&A sessions and whatever strikes my fancy. Yes, this could get pretty interesting around midnight.

But wait … there’s MORE!

That’s right, if you act now and pledge at the $2 level, I will write you a limerick on demand. It’s yours to keep with your donation. If you decide to pledge at the $5 level, I will write you a free verse poem on demand on a topic or one-word prompt of your choosing. Again, yours to keep with no further obligation upon donation. If you are feeling particularly generous and donate at the $10 level or above, you will receive the limerick, the poem, plus a copy of my chapbook with your pledge. (If you donate at one of these levels or higher, please post a comment to the blog after your donation with your donation level and your request.) Anyone who donates will get a link and a mention on the site, so don’t delay!

There may be other pledge specials and wacky stunts throughout the course of the event, so check in as often as you can. I know it’s the weekend and I know you’re busy … but consider taking a few moments to join in. It’s fun, it’s worthwhile and it will make a difference in someone’s life. Oh, and by the way, thanks. See you in the morning!

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