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10th August
written by Caryn

For those of you who don’t know, I’m lucky enough to work from home. Before you turn green with envy, let me just tell you that it’s not as cushy as you may think. I work a lot of hours, bust my ass for little pay and even less upward mobility and recognition. Then again — I hear that’s how it goes for most. At least I get to crank the music up and stay in my pajamas all day, if I so choose. Even better … no one can hear you scream.

What makes this more interesting in the summer is that while I’m working a full-time (and then some) job with deadlines, projects, phone conferences and crises — I also have a little 8-year old office assistant running around. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know much about spreadsheets, CMS or HTML at this point but she’s a good kid nevertheless and keeps me grounded in the fact that there’s more to life than usability issues, broken UIs and online community management. She’s also pretty fascinated with the idea of people having jobs and pretty savvy about work in general. For example, for the past 3 years her answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” has been Target cashier. Why? “Because you get a lunch break.” Exactly. Anyway, I had to laugh today at the conversation that took place after I’d finished with a rather lengthy (and tedious) phone meeting:

Me: “That was a LONG meeting! I don’t like long meetings.”
Future Target Cashier: “Why? Because you might fall asleep?”
Me: (laughing) “Well, I don’t think I’d really fall asleep, but maybe.”
Future Target Cashier: “Well Dad falls asleep in meetings sometimes.”

So worldly, that one. Though … I don’t suppose Target cashiers have really long phone meetings, either. Hmmmm.

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  1. 11/08/2005

    I really think she’s got it more figured out than the rest of us. She’s a smart one, that’s for sure.