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19th July
written by Caryn

We now interrupt your normal blog reading with the following important message:

Starting at 9am ET on Saturday July 29 I’ll be blogging at least every half hour until 9am on Sunday July 30. Really. It may seem insane, but it’s actually very fun, rewarding and all for a good cause. As I mentioned, I’ll be blogging for the cause of literacy again this year, so I’ll be following much of the same format I did last year… into the wayback machine:

We’re all busy and we all have many causes we wish we could support. But what if I told you that you could help out from your keyboard, your desk chair and the comfort of your own home? Well you can and that’s what this is all about — so please, pledge if you can, definitely post comments and ideas to keep me going for 24 hours and seriously consider checking out local programs in your area, most of which you can locate and read about online. Being able to do so is a deceptively simple task that many around the world aren’t able to enjoy. So help me out here, I’ll do the blogging and the not-sleeping — you do the checking in and seeing how things are going and pledging if possible.

As if that weren’t enough …

During the Blogathon, I’ll be writing about various things. However, since I want to highlight the promotion of literacy and literacy programs, I’ll be posting my thoughts on a poem, poet, story or author each hour. Sometimes these may be serious reflections and other times they may be obscure tangents. I’ll try to provide links and images wherever approprite. On the half hour, I’ll fill in with random goodness, humor, lists, Q&A sessions and whatever strikes my fancy. Yes, this could get pretty interesting around midnight.

This year I will again be running my webcam so you can see just what insanity looks like at 3am — as well as putting up a few videos and podcasts for your enjoyment as well.

Pledge Levels:

Newspaper Level: $2 — Donating just two dollars keeps the ball rolling and prompts me to write a limerick on your behalf. Who doesn’t love limericks?
Magazine Level: $5 — Pledging $5 gets you the limerick written on a postcard of my choosing and snail mailed to you. Because who doesn’t love getting mail?
Paperback Level: $10 — Those sponsors pledging $10 or more get a free verse poem ON DEMAND on a topic, word or line prompt of your choosing (within reason, please, let’s keep it PG-13). Poetry on DemandTM … poetry, demand, what’s not to love?
Danielle Steel Level: $20 — Pledging at the $20 level can request a poem ON DEMAND, and will also receive that poem made into a mini chapbook that will be mailed to you. (I will post an example photo of this soon.) Poetry! Mail! Mini! More to love!
Hardback Level: $24 — Pledge a dollar an hour and get a limerick or poem, printed into a mailed mini-chapbook as well as a special commemorative bookmark. Oh yes, keep your place while pitching in for literacy. It’s like a warm-fuzzy that stays with you all! day! LONG!
Collector’s Edition Level: $50 — If you’ve got fifty bucks to show your support for this effort and for ProLiteracy Worldwide, I’ve got all of the above to thank you for your generosity. Plus, I’ll send you a book from my special giveaway bookshelf.
Best-Seller List Level: $100 — If you’re all about the benjamins, well, we sure appreciate that! Sponsors at the $100 level will receive the poem, mini-book, bookmark, a book from my special giveaway bookshelf and a glass momento from my workshop. It’s like Christmas all over again, only better!

Sponsor Me!

But it’s not really about the goodies or me, it’s about having fun, promoting a good cause and raising awareness and support in all forms. If you’re not able to pledge, but still want to support the event, there are two great ways to do this:

— If you run a blog, website, billboard, church sign or skywriting company — please help me get the word out. I would be forever grateful if you post a note about this on your blog/site and encourage them to check it out. Tell a friend, tell your mom, tell the mailman … the more, the merrier.
— Stop by during the Blogathon and post your comments and encouragement. Knowing that people are reading and (hopefully) enjoying the posts is a big help in making it all the way through.

For more info:
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  1. 19/07/2006

    Yay, blogathon !!

    Love the serious face on your little infomercial there, by the way. All it’s missing is the “This message has been approved by firecracker” tag at the end.

    I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to check in this year, but I’ll do my best to spread the word.

    I’ll send you my topic nearer the time.
    Good luck !

  2. 19/07/2006

    I found you through the board on the Blogathon site. Freaked me out a little to see another person posting as Caryn. I’m Caryn, too. :) Look forward to stopping by on the 29th!

  3. […] (Note: I posted this in response on LitKicks earlier today but wanted to repost it here to expand a bit on why I am doing this.) I feel pretty strongly about the importance of adult literacy, but I am realizing a lot of people may not immediately realize what that means beyond the surface. Many times the issue of adult literacy is overlooked to focus on early childhood prevention and education — which is great. However, part of helping those children also relies on the assumption that their parents, grandparents and other adult family members are literate enough to encourage, assist and educate them as well. You may think that the issue of adult literacy is no longer a problem in our time, but literacy goes beyond the ability to read simple phrases, rather … to be able to read, retain, comprehend and take away important information from legal documents, work-related text, medical instructions, consumer packaging … is often a real struggle for those who are not as fortunate and we can definitely take that for granted. So you can see how this goes beyond just simply being able to kick back with the latest William Vollmann epic … the issue has a real and lasting impact on the basic quality of life for those who haven’t attained a general level of literacy. This affects day to day life in numerous ways, but it also affects families, communities and you as well. […]

  4. […] Last, but certainly not least, Blogathon! The 2006 Blogathon is TOMORROW people! Yes, Saturday July 29 starting at 9am ET. I’ll be here blogging for literacy — in case you have overlooked the memo. I’ll be making my last pre-Blogathon post/infomercial later today — but please please — if you can find it in you to support this cause — either by sponsoring me for a small amount, or by getting the word out and showing your moral support — well, it’s really very appreciated. […]