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6th November
written by Caryn

Everything I said last year at this time pretty much still applies, so I won’t bother to repeat myself. Even though it was an “off” election year, I made my way out to vote this afternoon. The polling place was pretty empty on the inside, but outside the doors of the local high school there were rows and rows of signs and the usual election day campaigners, carefully positioned just outside of the regulated boundary. This last-ditch campaign clutter really irritates me and I decided to give them the patented Caryn Silent Treatment® as I walked in. And again when I walked out. Maybe it was a little more irritating in light of the disappointing ballot choices … I’m not sure which was lower, the voter turnout or the candidate turnout. A lot of uncontested races in my area this year.

In other news, I wonder if it was a coincidence that I ran across this today. No, really, you just have to click through to see for yourself.