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24th November
written by Caryn

Now if you’ve been reading my blog long you know that I sure do love bacon — but I was a little surprised to find that “bacon” is now the new hot word for describing email that’s not quite spam, but not a priority. I’m not sure I am really down with this permutation of one of my most favorite cured pork products. They define the term as “Email you want, but not right now (google alerts, newletters, mailing list messages, etc).” And first of all, let me say right now that google alerts will never come close to the glorious tastiness that is bacon. But who among us… and by “us” I mean those meat-loving people who aren’t bound by any sort of moral or religious dietary laws … doesn’t want bacon RIGHT NOW? And not just some bacon but like… platters full of the crispy salty stuff. Sure, take spam … it’s much maligned and fun to say; just keep away from my bacon.