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30th November
written by Caryn

leavings, originally uploaded by caryn74.

Well here we are — November 30 — the finish line of National Blog Posting Month. It seemed pretty simple: post once every day. But it’s really not that easy. I can’t exactly explain why; for me it was even harder because I’m already a very sporadic blogger, but I wanted to take on this challenge to see if I could commit to writing something (however inane it might be) each day. The truth is, I’d like for this blog to be a better record of my thoughts and to be something that others would like to read. Unfortunately I’ve not always had a lot of time or focus to devote to it. I’m not sure if that will change now that I’ve completed this challenge, but it might. I think that I need to consider what I really want out of this outlet and then build from there. In any case, although right now I feel like I kind of hate blogging, it was sort of fun — if for no other reason it gave me a chance to say to Jamelah on more than one occasion: “I have nothing to write about.” or “I haven’t blogged yet.” or “I really hate November.” I wrote a missive about November last year and I think while much of it still holds true, I have to think about how much has changed in a year and what that means. I can only imagine what will happen by the time November rolls around again.