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8th November
written by Caryn

Wii Sports Resort Bowling

There’s nothing like a friendly game of Wii Bowling. Although around here, there’s usually nothing friendly about it. Don’t get me wrong, we have a great time and Wii has made our family game repertoire a lot more dynamic, but let’s just say we also tend to get a “Wii” bit competitive. A little competition is a healthy thing, right?

The great thing about Wii is that you not only can compete against each other, but also your own personal best and threshold scores. There’s no better way to work yourself into a perfectionist lather than trying to reclaim the high score for Return Challenge in Table Tennis. My husband is fiercely protective of his status as king of the Ski Jump. Tonight I upped my bowling game by honing my spin control. I try my best to be a gracious sportsman, but … sometimes it sure feels good to kick some butt.