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29th November
written by Caryn

Although we were traveling for Thanksgiving and didn’t have the luxury of a home base kitchen this year, I wanted to make a homemade contribution for the meal. I decided on pao doce, Portuguese sweet bread, as this year’s effort. After a few false starts (think Yosemite Sam yelling “My biscuits are burning!”), I thought it turned out to be quite tasty. This is a rich, slightly sweet (but not cloyingly so) recipe, but makes a light dough that’s very easy to work with. Yeast breads have this rap for being difficult and time consuming, though I’m not sure it’s well-deserved. Making bread is pretty straightforward and the end result is worth the small amount of effort — plus people seem genuinely impressed with this edible parlor trick.

There are many variations on “massa sovada”, I’ve been using this recipe and I think it’s one that results in a nice flavor from the mix of butter, eggs, potato and flavoring. Sure, you can probably get a similar taste by grabbing a bag of King’s Hawaiian bread … but it’s nowhere near as good.

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