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20th November
written by Caryn

pumpkin can

After my pumpkin-laced frenzy from yesterday, my mom reminded me that we’re currently at threatcon orange coming into the holiday season. Yes, the great pumpkin shortage of 2009. I had been aware of this but perhaps in a fit of denial — nay, defiance — I felt the need to urge you all to indulge your pumpkin cravings. Although it sounds like we’ll have enough pumpkin to get us through Thanksgiving, there may not be any pumpkin pie at Christmas, much to Bing Crosby’s chagrin. So I think it’s only fitting for us to declare tomorrow Orange Saturday, stock up on all the pumpkin you can find and celebrate la calabaza*. Sure, hoarding pumpkin may contribute to a shortage, but I have a backup plan…


*that’s Spanish for “pumpkin”, yo.

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