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30th November
written by Caryn

And so another National Blog Posting Month comes to a close. I think my second time participating in NaBloPoMo was a little easier than my first go-round a few years ago, but I will admit that the simplicity of “just post every day in November” is a slightly deceiving. I’m not going to claim that there were 30 posts of genius or even 30 really good posts (or even 15 mediocre ones), but so it goes when you’re writing on demand. I always have mixed feelings about doing things like NaBloPoMo, mainly because while I did accomplish the goal of posting each day this month, I don’t exactly feel as if I’ve grown or discovered something as a result. Or maybe I discovered that sometimes, posting every day can make blogging seem a lot harder than it needs to be. In any case, it was fun to jump on the bandwagon again, to read Jamelah’s Q&A sessions and to post on my otherwise neglected blog for 30 days in a row, just to say I could. So, there.

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