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28th January
written by Caryn

fat flakes & flurries

It should come as no surprise that in the winter it snows in many parts of the world. Still, that doesn’t stop the incredulous gnashing of teeth and non-stop coverage of every snowstorm and flurry. It’s pretty amusing albeit overdone. I think a whole feature on DC’s “Ice Cream Cone Man” is taking things a bit too far, though. On second thought, I *do* enjoy a good scoop of pistachio every now and then.

While the snow story hasn’t been as astounding here as it was last year, the weather has been chaotic enough to knock out the local schools for 3 days now. Luckily we’ve been able to stay pretty busy and, more importantly, safe and warm inside. Of course snow days are also great for lolling around the Internet, soaking up random goodness. A few things that have caught my eye:

  • I recently shared this fun map with Liz — a list of what food is representative of each state. Some are real head scratchers, but entertaining nonetheless. Another map of the US has surfaced and this one is a little less light-hearted, but still pretty interesting: The United States of Shame. Want to know what fascinating statistic places your state dead last in the rankings? Here’s your chart. I was a little surprised to see that Virginia has the highest number of alcohol-related motorcycle deaths, but after looking at some of the other states’ claim to shame, it could have been a lot worse. Don’t drink and drive and always wear a helmet (on your bike that is, but if you need it around the clock, that’s ok, too.)
  • We’re quickly approaching February and hearts abound, whether you prefer them in foil doily form or conversation style. I found some cute and easy heart-shaped crafts that I definitely want to try: 3-D Paper Hearts courtesy of Happy Clippings, Crayon Hearts via Martha Stewart and this Woven Heart Pattern from the Basket Maker’s Catalog.
  • If you’re looking to get someone a great Valentine’s day gift (ahem), this would be an awesome treat for anyone who loves trying new things and appreciates well-crafted food: Valentine‚Äôs Day Handmade Food Gift Box from Eat Boutique. It looks like a great assortment of yumminess and while I’m not a fan of beets (sorry Schrute Farm!) this more than makes up for it: Bacon-Coffee Caramel Popcorn with Candied Bacon. I know many are growing tired of the bacon frenzy and feel it’s jumped the shark. I kind of feel like those people are insane, though, and I say bring on the bacon!
  • While Maryland, DC and Virginia duke it out over whose fault it is that the recent snowstorms caused so much mayhem and foolishness, one of my NYC colleagues is focusing on the beauty of the snow with a roundup of these lovely snapshots.