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21st January
written by Caryn

You’ll probably notice my last blog update was over a year ago. A whole year! Shameful, I know, but I figured blogs would all be extinct by now and we’d be flying around in our Twitter-powered hovercars. Hmmm. Anyway, I was kind of busy last year, so I think that more than makes up for the lack of what would have been sporadic and not-very-interesting updates. I’m just coming out of my post-365 haze and decided I should update my blog, since my stepdaughter was kind enough to call me out in her new blog, which is all about food, cooking, budgets and media. At any rate, I hope to update this blog at least more than once this year. What better way to ease into things with a good, old-fashioned link roundup?

Guide to Housecat Coats & Colors: This is wild. At least to me. If you’re a cat person, I think you’ll find it fascinating.

— Today The Current is celebrating 6 years of awesomeness. This musical goldmine from Minnesota Public Radio is a wonderful soundtrack for cool and interesting people.

— Oh Bob Dylan, he’s like the new Dan Brown.

— I love chick peas, too, but I don’t think I’d go to these lengths to enjoy them. Still, I have several things on my to-do list this year that reflect this same “take the long way home” approach, so I can definitely relate.

— Speaking of intense projects, my friend Tam shot me this gem from Folk School: DIY caskets! I enjoy a challenge as much as anyone, but this one I’m hoping to not need for a good long while.

— Another cat link: iPad Games for Cats! Finally, one thing that would make me want an iPad.

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  1. Liz

    The cat picture is fascinating! I want to show Chris and try to classify Fatty. Thanks for mentioning my little blog!