12th November
written by Caryn

I know a lot of people are out there right now planning to pick up a few Snuggies for their holiday gift list and call it done. I can’t say that I blame them, because there are so many great options available for anyone in your life who may be hankering for sleeves on their blanket. There are Snuggies for kids, Snuggies for your dog and even Snuggies for cougars. Trust me, I get the appeal and if you’ve already ordered your Snuggie or picked it up at Walgreen’s, I’m not going to fault you. However, if you’re still on the fence, I have an alternate suggestion that is unique and is a enormous bargain. Your very own Sasquatch.

Yes, you could have your very own Bigfoot to amaze and entertain the children during the holidays. It’s equally perfect as a great way to tell a friend or loved one you care. Because what says you care more than taxidermy eyes for Christmas?


Usually I’d be content with an industrial pack of Twizzlers at 60% off in a post-Halloween shopping spree. But this was before I realized there were *real* bargains to be had online. Plus at only $499.99 you’re saving 62% over retail. 62%!! Think of the money you can sock away for that next trip to Red Lobster or tickets to see Gary Coleman on his lecture circuit. As if that weren’t enough:

The giant Sasquatch is over seven feet tall and completely realistic from his taxidermy eyes to his lifelike fur. You will belive [sic] in Sasquatch, and you will fear him.

So you will not only “belive”, you will fear this Sasquatch. Just in time for the holidays. And isn’t that really what anyone wants from their hairy cryptid? Faith and fear.

Not convinced?

This creature is seven feet tall and is haired all around for a great view: Nobody likes a bald Sasquatch (although apparently bigfoot boobs are ok to be exposed)
The arms and hands can be posed: In case your Sasquatch wants to make like Steve Martin and do the King Tut.
Sasquatch shakes when powered by the 9 volt adapter provided: that’s what she said.
Realistic taxidermy eyes: Again, none of those fake taxidermy eyes here! (I also kind of wonder how these might differ from “hungry eyes”.)
Breaks down for easy shipping and storage: For taking your Sasquatch on the go!
Permanently fixed to a wood-tone base: No pesky wood needed here
Durable and light weight Poly-foam construction: Sasquatch may be strong, but you don’t have to be
Made in the USA: Much like The Boss.

Of course, a 7 foot haired all around Sasquatch is not for just anyone and I will admit, there are no sleeves here. But if you’re interested in a unique gift and a deep discount, perhaps this Yeti’s for you…

3rd November
written by Caryn

Tonight as I was chatting with one of my dear friends she remarked:

My whole career is based on hugs.

Oddly enough, it’s true and I’d have to confess mine is largely hug-based as well, so to speak. Although my curmudgeonly side hates to admit it, I suppose there are worse things to base your career on. Lard, gnats and bad breath are just a few that come to mind. What is the metaphorical basis of your career?

28th October
written by Caryn

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