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21st January
written by Caryn

You’ll probably notice my last blog update was over a year ago. A whole year! Shameful, I know, but I figured blogs would all be extinct by now and we’d be flying around in our Twitter-powered hovercars. Hmmm. Anyway, I was kind of busy last year, so I think that more than makes up for the lack of what would have been sporadic and not-very-interesting updates. I’m just coming out of my post-365 haze and decided I should update my blog, since my stepdaughter was kind enough to call me out in her new blog, which is all about food, cooking, budgets and media. At any rate, I hope to update this blog at least more than once this year. What better way to ease into things with a good, old-fashioned link roundup?

Guide to Housecat Coats & Colors: This is wild. At least to me. If you’re a cat person, I think you’ll find it fascinating.

— Today The Current is celebrating 6 years of awesomeness. This musical goldmine from Minnesota Public Radio is a wonderful soundtrack for cool and interesting people.

— Oh Bob Dylan, he’s like the new Dan Brown.

— I love chick peas, too, but I don’t think I’d go to these lengths to enjoy them. Still, I have several things on my to-do list this year that reflect this same “take the long way home” approach, so I can definitely relate.

— Speaking of intense projects, my friend Tam shot me this gem from Folk School: DIY caskets! I enjoy a challenge as much as anyone, but this one I’m hoping to not need for a good long while.

— Another cat link: iPad Games for Cats! Finally, one thing that would make me want an iPad.

3rd January
written by Caryn

Looking forward to trying this dal recipe for our next Indian dinner night.

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31st December
written by Caryn

2009 is rapidly winding down and as I sit here wondering where exactly in the world this year has gone (anyone?), I will indulge in a little retrospective listmaking to commemorate just a sliver of the highlights from this year. The sizzle reel from ’09:

Saw George Washington’s Christmas camel at Mount vernon (January)
Went to Chicago for user testing and observation, but the best part involved caipirinhas and loads of meat with a long table of co-workers, especially Tam. (February)
Held our 3rd Annual Be My Awesome Valentime swap (February)
My husband decided to move in with me, novel approach, that (February)
Got a lot of use out of the line “Gonna be in the Hudson”
Sought out Spring at Leesylvania State Park (March)
Instituted Wednesdays as “Taco Night”
Went to Frederick, MD to attend an opening for the photo art of Linda Plaisted (April)
Commemorated Passover with a visit from Abby (April)
Became the mom of a 12 year old (!) (April)
Packed up and moved to a nicer, bigger apartment (May)
Had a visit from Daniel, who was nice enough to help us move some furniture (May)
Saw The National at 9:30 Club (May)
Reseated a chair and learned how to weave Shaker tape (June)
Succumbed to the Wii (June)
Saw the Mets play in the new CitiField (but still liked Shea better) (June)
Went to Wolf Trap to see the Ultimate Doo Wop Show and had a picnic under the stars (June)
Spent a relaxing week with my family in Indiana, chilling by the pool and roaming the countryside. (July)
Bumped into the next demographic bracket (July)
Went back to Chicago to experience the wonder that is BlogHer Conference, including participating as a speaker/panelist. Met a lot of great people and reconnected with some old friends. (July)
Spent a few days lolling around Virginia Beach with my parents and Maddy (August)
Headed to Maryland in search of lightlhouses and crabcakes (August)
Played a lot of Wii Music and visited the Museum of American History with Abby (August)
Hit up both the county and state fairs to get our recommended yearly allowance of fried foods and farm animals (August and October)
Discovered the beauty of 5-minute artisan bread
Made an end of summer visit to the National Arboretum to visit the koi, butterflies and bonsai. (September)
Had a great night of Ethiopian food, beer and leopard-print bathrobes with one of my all-time favorite people, Julia (and finally met the infamous Kurt!) (October)
Spent a great Indian Summer Sunday picnicking in Occoquan with Maddy. (October)
Said goodbye to my Geocities website (October)
Sangria, beer and BBQ with my favorite girls in the office.
Made a crazy bird-witch mask and bought several pounds of candy only to have no trick-or-treaters show up for Halloween (October)
Decided to try blogging again for NaBloPoMo (November)
Celebrated Marc’s birthday by catching Jersey Boys at the National Theater and spending the day playing tourist in DC. (November)
Survived another wacky Thanksgiving, complete with karaoke and police (November)
Pretended like we were cool enough to hang out with Liz & Chris on “the scene”. (November)
Rocked Categories and celebrated Hanukkah on Long Island (December)
Secretly started liking the “What up with that?” skit on SNL
Made an Elvis jumpsuit-inspired Snuggie for my mom (December)
Dug my car out of the East Coast blizzard with a dustpan and golf umbrella (December)
Journeyed to Indiana to eat a lot of noodles and spend Christmas with my family. (December)

Bonus: Miscellaneous fun stats from 2009:

Most played track (according to and I dare not doubt them): “Blue Hotel” by Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
Most viewed Flickr photo this year: c.o.d. c.o.d.
Top search phrase for 2009: “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderlay again” (which points to this blog post, which is from the 2005 Blogathon.)
Favorite lyric of the year: “Black is the color of a strangled rainbow” courtesy of Elvis Perkins “Shampoo”

Whew… no wonder I’m tired. And that was only a sliver. A sliver! Can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store, should be a good one with even more fun milestones, adventures and experiences.